What is Digital Book-keeping Anyway?

I realise that most people have no idea what digital book-keeping looks like or feels like. I didn’t until a friend described it to me in conversation and when he did I was incredulous. I couldn’t believe it was as simple and straightforward as he described. And I was scared. And it was months before I took the leap of faith myself. But when I did, it was utterly transformational in terms of user experience and work practices and I wished I’d done it years ago.

Plain English.

So, as I look at my book-keeping online I see a clean, fresh, image. Mostly white space punctuated with the turquoise branding of Xero and with red indicating outstanding bills. The language is plain English: money spent, money received, sales, purchases, no accounting jargon to misunderstand.


There is a dashboard which is a visual representation of my finances showing a hopefully upward trend in my bank account and also those accounts to which I want to pay particular attention, right there in front of me, at-a-glance, to monitor.

Workflow, Bank Reconciliation and Much More.

I love the workflow within Xero.  As I look at my screen from left to right I see draft bills; bills awaiting approval; bills to be paid; and outstanding bills. The bank reconciliation is remarkably straightforward with transactions to be matched, created, transferred, coded or discussed. This discussion box enables me to ask the client for clarification in respect of individual transactions. There is a search facility; a comprehensive reporting facility. You can track transactions by customer and job if you wish. You can find and recode entries which have been made erroneously. The paperwork for each transaction is an image which attaches to the entry in the accounts so it’s just like having the piece of paper in front of you but without any scrambling about searching for it. The audit trail for each transaction is beneath it annotating with a time and date everything that has transpired in respect of that entry.

Three Benefits to Clients.

It is transformational and I really love seeing the broad smiles on my clients faces i) because they have been proactive, not reactive; ii) because they have insight into their business because I have taken the time to explain so that they understand and can interpret the figures they are looking at, which they’ve perhaps not had before and iii) because they can see for themselves an increase in profits.

Something Spectacular.

If this is something of interest to you I do hope you might get in touch and start your journey to something spectacular.       01598 740 210.

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