Revolutionary Book-keeping Methods.

Book-keeping Revolution.

Xero is transformational in book-keeping work practices, dispensing with backlogs altogether and producing real-time reporting.
View your accounts and financial transactions 24/7 on tablet, mobile or laptop for an at-a-glance and up-to-date snapshot of your finances.
It’s a convenient, time and cost saving method.
I liken the convenience of it to pay at pump for petrol or paying for car tax online.

User Friendly Terminology.

It’s particularly user friendly because the terminology is money spent and money received; purchases and sales.

If You Can Take a Photo on Your Mobile Phone Digital Book-keeping is Effortless.

It’s as easy too as taking a photograph of your receipts and invoices using an app on your mobile phone.
The images and data are sent to me automatically via the internet to process into organised accounts for presentation to your accountant.

Permanent Records.

It means no more chaotic hunting for supporting documents.
The data captured at the time stays as a permanent record of the transaction and with the transaction to which it relates so it’s all there at a glance every time you need it.
You can add notes to each transaction and there is a comprehensive audit trail.

Track Invoices.

When it comes to payment of invoices, you can send these by email; see who has viewed their bill; send a reminder as necessary.

Faster Payments.

If you connect to affiliated apps it would be possible for tradespersons, for instance, to issue an invoice before leaving the premises and for the bill to be paid before they reach the end of the street.

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