My Services.

Using the latest technology, I am offering you an opportunity to receive meticulously prepared and up-to-date digital personal and/or business accounts that can be viewed 24/7 on your mobile, laptop or tablet, anytime, anywhere, effortlessly.

Very simply, you photograph your receipts and invoices using an app on your mobile phone, and these are automatically transferred to me for preparation of your accounts. It’s a transformational paperless solution, dispensing with backlogs once and for all.

• If you’re so busy sorting through the chaos of your financial paperwork that you have less time to work on and in your business, how will you grow and become more profitable?
• If you don’t know how your business is performing financially, how can you accurately assess whether you’re on track with your important business or personal goals and plans?

Committed to excellence, I question, challenge and investigate so you can rely on me for accuracy and thoroughness. It’s about more than figures. It’s about the development of a close, collaborative, working relationship and accounts as individual as you are.

I’m in business to help your business succeed, so let’s explore a whole new world of accounting together!

Sound good? Ring me.

What You Can Expect.

If you make contact with me, and are a serious enquirer, this will be the start of an on-going conversation.  By which I mean, I will be in regular and on-going contact by email, telephone and Messenger to come to a complete understanding of your accounts and to cultivate best book-keeping practices with you.

Having dealt with the necessary formalities, first of all we’ll need to establish your connection with Hubdoc (since recording, Hubdoc replaces Receipt Bank) and Xero, uploading any existing computerised accounts to Xero and linking your bank account to Xero.

On a day-to-day basis, you will photograph your financial paperwork and I will process it ready for presentation in report form to your accountant.  It’s that simple.

Day-to-day I’ll be in contact with you (as necessary) to clarify queries or request necessary information.  You’ll be alert to notify me of any unusual or partial or bulk transactions so that I can recognise these when they appear on your account.

Bespoke Book-keeping Service.  

My clients are willing to embrace technology, they use online banking; are prepared to meet deadlines in advance and rely on me for a bespoke book-keeping service, both of us referring, where necessary, to your accountant for tax advice. Typically they are those dreading doing their accounts, where my services can really make a difference to boost client confidence.  Or professional people looking to outsource their book-keeping so that they might concentrate rather on what they love and are good at.

I’d love to work with creatives – florists; artisans of all descriptions; sole traders; start-ups; cat breeders; caterers; artisan bakers; B&B’s, card and gift retailers – simply, clients with whose work I have a fascination.

This is not an exhaustive list; although it does exclude those working in the construction industry.

I just want to hear from you if you think we could have a meaningful rapport; if you share my values; or if you just think it would be fun working together.

Clients who have used me have solved their problems and it was worth every penny.

Transform Your Book-keeping Habits to Spectacular Best Practice.

Let’s chat to start transforming your book-keeping habits to spectacular best practice.

Anything else you’d like to know?  Contact me with your question. 

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