If you’re looking for a consummate professional to take care of your books, give Vanessa a shout!
Ali Flind,
“Rather than stress about my accounts I can now relax, because there is a system in place.
I also find it reassuring that help is at hand if I need it.
I’m very happy that I decided to sign up for Vanessa’s services.”
Tine Landy,
The Ordinary Goddess.
Lovely to meet Vanessa this morning.
I am very guilty of putting my head in the sand when it comes to accounts.
I am the person who will have high blood pressure and sleepless nights
trying to get everything done last minute because I’ve forgotten something.
I hate numbers and truly believed that other people did too.
Until I met Vanessa… she loves numbers!
I can see that she’s very enthusiastic about what she does
and clearly can get things organised better than myself.
I would definitely recommend Vanessa.
Why do something you hate when you can hand it to her to do a better job
( and she actually likes it)?!
Nicole Crewe,
The Physio Crew.
“I’m not computer literate. You held my hand and made it easy.
I came in from work tonight and processed my financial documents straight away.
Now they are done and dusted it is a weight off my mind.
It has become habit forming and I am secure in the knowledge
that my accounts are automatically backed up to the cloud.”
Julie Reed,
Julie’s Catering Services.
“Vanessa is highly qualified, computer literate, methodical, resourceful and reliable
and I have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending her to you in terms of character, integrity and ability.
Possessing discretion, initiative, a mature outlook and terrific sense of humour,
Vanessa would be an asset to any organisation.”
Hugh Harrison,
Hugh Harrison Conservation.

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