How to Dispense with Accounts Backlogs Once and For All.

I know how you feel about your accounts backlog:

I know how you feel about your accounts backlog:

• “It doesn’t need to be done until my accountant requests my end of year paperwork.”
• “I really hate doing books and that dreadful end of year panic.”
• “Numbers scare me; I’m afraid of making a mistake; I’m frightened of codes and what if it doesn’t balance?”
• “There aren’t enough hours in the day.”
• “There are so many more stimulating ways to spend my time and I’m hopeless with accounts.”
• “I feel overwhelmed.”
• “I really don’t want to know how bad my financial situation is!”
• “My kids, and my umpteen “To Do Lists”, distract me from my business.”
• “I’ve taken my eye off the ball.”


I do think, objectively, it needs to be said that when it comes to accounts backlogs, abdication is a strong word, but I am going to use it. It means to default, and to default is a failure to act to meet an obligation. The fact is, you do have a responsibility to which, with my services, you can easily attend. For you ostriches out there, not knowing is not going to change the amount of tax you owe next year. But, you can turn the situation around and transform your backlog into a success story.

Transform Your Backlog into a Success Story.

If you are fearful, mindful of failure, let me show you to the contrary and encourage you. My clients no longer have backlogs. They were fearful, like you, but using my services and digital methods discovered instead a story which spoke of success, fresh income generation and business insight, transforming their working practices.

Digital book-keeping is so user-friendly, you’ll wish you’d acted sooner. The fact that it is
• an up-to-date-snapshot of your financial affairs;
• that it’s current;
• that it’s in real time,
really does come as a wonderful revelation and massive relief.

Put an End to Perpetuating Bad Habits.

It is the case that if too great, backlogs may well be excluded from the digital process, it not being cost effective to redress on such a scale. But don’t be discouraged.

Digital book-keeping dispenses with backlogs once and for all – but we need to start TODAY to put things right and to put an end to perpetuating bad habits.

If the backlog is manageable in scale getting up to date may be quickly and effortlessly achieved by digital methods.

A Question.

Can you afford not to address this issue and isn’t absolute peace of mind worth this investment? I know you hate doing it but I love it and it gets done. Let me help you find a solution to this problem, one which will put a smile on your face and remove anxiety from you. Go on. Do it. Ring me.

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