How Much Does Digital Book-keeping Cost?

How Much Does Digital Book-keeping Cost? If you are thinking about appointing a digital book-keeper you are going to need a good understanding of how much to budget for so I want to outline the variables and other factors influencing how much you will pay.  From personal experience, digital book-keeping is worth every penny meaning [...]

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What is Digital Book-keeping Anyway? I realise that most people have no idea what digital book-keeping looks like or feels like. I didn’t until a friend described it to me in conversation and when he did I was incredulous. I couldn’t believe it was as simple and straightforward as he described. And I was scared. And it was [...]

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How Do I Love Thee, Xero? Let Me Count The Ways…

In no particular order and this is not an exhaustive list. Easy bank reconciliation. Automatically create purchase invoices from email. Automatic creation of purchase invoices from online billing with Hubdoc. Creation, tracking and reminders for sales invoices. Draft; awaiting payment; paid; reconciled work flow. Plain English.  Spent; received; sales; purchases. Tracking options, for example, customer [...]

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