Revolutionary Book-keeping Methods.

Book-keeping Revolution. Xero is transformational in book-keeping work practices, dispensing with backlogs altogether and producing real-time reporting. View your accounts and financial transactions 24/7 on tablet, mobile or laptop for an at-a-glance and up-to-date snapshot of your finances. It’s a convenient, time and cost saving method. I liken the convenience of it to pay at [...]

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Data Entry Checklist – DARES

It is essential to enter decent data and meet agreed deadlines for supplying data. Guard against dodgy or missing data with this simple checklist: D for Date A for Amount R for Reference - Essential! E for Edge - Leave a border around your Receipt Bank photo to ensure that you capture all the information in [...]

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A Good Fit – Not Seeking Any Client But The RIGHT Client.

I want to share with you this video which really encouraged me in setting up my business and served to inform my thinking.  If you fast forward to 2.40-3.30 it may sound quite startling to hear the owner say "We don't work with clients who don't trust internet banking and who don't want to work [...]

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