I cannot work without job satisfaction but have been fortunate to have met with it throughout my adult life.

My financial career started in the Revenue Section of Portsmouth City Council where, at my height, I reconciled Community Charge, Non-Domestic Rates and Council Tax arrears in excess of £1M to the penny.

Returning to the workplace after becoming a mother I developed my role as book-keeper, personal administrator, and office manager for the foremost timber conservator in the country and stayed there for one month short of 10 years.

In 2007 I took the decision to become self-employed (deadlines even then influencing my decision making) and in 2017 left to launch my own digital book-keeping company to satisfy my longing to cultivate multiple clients rather than just the one. Methodical and thorough, I can assure you of my honesty, confidentiality, conscientiousness and diligence and that I strive in all business matters for best practice.

Along the way I have been a legal secretary; doctors’ receptionist and regional manager for hospice charity shops. I’ve bred KC registered cream coloured Golden Retrievers and expanded my waistline having rehearsed at home the predominantly French recipes I was required to prepare in an exclusive hotel.

I am, unapologetically, a mother first and foremost. This has been my motivation to work from home by digital methods and I am delighted to have realised this ambition. Being available to my son is inviolable and maintaining an appropriate work/life balance is essential.

I am an RNLI Ambassador – the RNLI spectacularly saving my life in 2012 – and so am often called upon to deliver illustrated talks sharing my experience; raising funds and promoting awareness. My homepage refers and the RNLI feature regularly within my social media pages.

A TV addict, I love cooking, flowers, cards, and cats. I’ve five cats – Thomas (feral ginger tom); Pixie (gorgeous, fluffy, loving, mother of Dippy and Ebony, sporting a string of pearls); Dippy takes after her mother with a sleek coat; Ebony remains a stranger to Pixie – for which reason I conjecture Ebony reminds Pixie of her mate; Chubby the Chubster captivated our hearts and came to our home on New Years Day one year having appeared on Facebook the day before needing a new home. He’s my unashamed favourite. Gorgeous; fluffy; a lap-cat; playful; loving – everything a cat should be. More about my cats in my Cat Company Blogs.

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